“I don’t know what to wear!”
“Do these pants make my bottom look big?”
“Is this colour too boring for my first date?”
“Do I look professional in this shirt and pants?”

Chances are you have had one (or all) of these thoughts at some point in your life.Fashion is a topic so many women and men need help with and don’t know where to turn.

Many women and men find navigating through the fashion world difficult. Aspects such as budget, body type, and personality all play a part in the choices one makes every morning. But whatever the style, knowing a few basic rules can help in addressing the critical question, “What to wear today?”Getting dressed in the mornings should be fun.Everyone should open to an organised wardrobe and enjoy putting together different combinations. Figuring out how to get started at organising the wardrobe can be exhausting.

Our workshops will equipped you with tools you need to look stylish for any occasion. Learn what works for you and your body type. Feel confident today – that’s your best accessory!

In today’s competitive global market place, looking good is winning half the battle. Displaying the right etiquette holds equal fundamental importance.Etiquette helps bridge expectations and nurture healthy engagements with internal and external audiences. Whether you are a fresh from school or have set your sights on climbing the corporate ladder, it will be worth your while to acquaint yourself with business etiquette.                                                                       


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