standard-title Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette

The Basics Of Business Etiquette In The Office, Meetings And In All forms Of Business Communication.

How a pleasant personality, professional appearance, positive self-image and good deportment are the foundations of appropriate business behavior

Business etiquette is sometimes called ‘business protocol’. While protocol is a much more formal code of behavior, procedure and conduct for state and diplomatic ceremonies, it would be too rigid in business practices. So let’s think of business etiquette as the practical application of social etiquette in the world of business and in professional circles. In these context we concentrate on acceptable behavior that apply in specific situations.

There isn’t a strict set of rules, but rather guidelines for a wide range of behaviors. Because with the ‘global village’ of cultures and expectations, one needs be able to seamlessly shift from one set of expectations to the next when managing customers and stakeholders at the professional work place. Rigid rules may work for a while, but unsustainable, inappropriate and unworkable in the long run – understanding and awareness is key.

With business etiquette, we put social skills to work to enhance our confidence and ability to handle people and situations with tact, diplomacy and respect.

  • The Basics Of Business Etiquette In The Office, Meetings And In All Forms Of Business Communication.

  • How A Pleasant Personality, Professional Appearance, Positive Self-Image And Good Deportment Are The Foundations Of Appropriate Business Behavior.

  • How To Conduct Yourself In Business Meetings, Presentations And Entertainment Events.