standard-title Get Some Manners

Get Some Manners

GOOD MANNERS Are As Important As Good Grooming And Good Behavior

Training table manners must be started early enough to make them automatic

GOOD MANNERS are as important as good grooming and good behavior. Unfortunately, however, in this day of confused standards, manners are sometimes sadly neglected. This is especially true of table manners.

Manners must not be stilted, self-conscious, or artificial. Therefore, it is dangerous to have one system, or no system, for eating at home or dining out. This is apt to cause dinner table insecurity later in lift.

  • Why Are Manners Anyway?
  • What Do You Do When You Meet Someone New?
  • Respecting myself!
  • Showing Respect And Kindness To Others
  • Social Behavior In The Public
  • Powerful Words To Remember
  • Speaking Politely Over The Phone
  • Classroom Manners
  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Party Etiquette
  • Gift Giving And Receiving
  • Table manners and helping at mealtime