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Importance of Primer & Setting Spray For a Flawless Makeup
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Importance of Primer & Setting Spray For a Flawless Makeup

Learn about the importance of using a makeup primer and setting spray for flawless looking makeup that will last all day long. While primer and setting spray are great on their own, but when used together they are the perfect formula for flawless makeup.

Many people think that using a primer and a setting spray is one and the same and both are not needed to help your makeup wear and last longer. That is wrong, they work well together, but both have their own unique benefits that are needed in combination for a flawless long-lasting makeup day.

Makeup primer is a product used pre-makeup application to give your skin an even base for your products to lay seamlessly and stay put all day long. Primer is used to help create the beautiful makeup look. Whereas a makeup setting spray is used as the final step in your routine and sets your makeup so it looks just as great at the end of the day as when you left in the morning.

Does your makeup disappear by the end of the day? Primer creates a barrier between your skin and the foundation so it doesn’t just absorb in. The function of a primer is to help fill in imperfections. With your pores, your skin is like an orange peel. Primer will make it smooth like an apple! If you start with a smooth surface, it’s easier to create a flawless finish.


Use our Motives® Insta-Smooth after your skincare and before your makeup primer for a magical soothing effect. It has a powerful formula that minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while perfectly smoothing the skin. This formula creates a veil over the skin’s surface, providing a soft-focus effect. Antioxidant ingredients promote healthy skin while the mineral pigments reflect light away from fine lines and wrinkles.


After you have done your skincare routine and used the Insta-Smooth to minimize wrinkles and smooth over imperfections it is time to prime. Our Motives® Complexion Perfection Face Primer is a fan-favorite with over 30 5-star reviews! It is designed to target pores, fine lines, and wrinkles, Complexion Perfection Face Primer visibly reduces the appearance of imperfections for even-looking skin that is prepped and primed. This oil-free, smoothing formula extends the life of your foundation for the perfect, flawless look.

Setting Spray

Using a setting spray is similar to using hair spray after styling your hair, once you start using it you will never look back. Setting spray is used to prevent all makeup, including foundation, eye shadow, and lipstick, from creasing, smudging or fading, most setting sprays go on much like hairspray: in a fine mist. It should be applied after completing a full face of makeup, not just for glammed up looks you should even apply after your everyday makeup routine. For best  use, shake the bottle, then close your eyes and spray it on in both an “X” shape and a “T” shape, about eight to ten inches from your face.

Which Setting Spray Is Right For You?

Motives® 10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Spray

For normal to dry skin, 10 Years Youngeris perfect for you. A setting spray that mists on weightlessly to reduce makeup slippage and keep skin looking beautifully flawless. Save up to 50% of makeup usage with this unique spray. Keep your skin looking fresh throughout the day.

Motives® No More Shine Makeup Setting Spray

If you have combination or oily skin, No More Shine is for YOU! A setting spray that mists on weightlessly to control oil, deflect surface shine and keep skin looking beautifully matte. Oily skin has met its match! Keep your skin looking smooth — but never shiny — with this spray.