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Before you say a word, your clothes would have spoken volumes.  The first impression is mae in a few seconds and may follow you indefinitely.

It is important to be attentive of your total well being.  Your appearance is observed as you enter the office, attend interviews, make a presentation or during a networking event.  Assumptions about your capabilities are made on the spot, sometimes based solely upon your appearance and social skills.  As a result, your product or services may be negatively affected if the client forms an unfavorable impression of you even before you have the opportunity to speak.

Your wardrobe, personal grooming and body language all serve to create your “personal professional package”.

We present our professional polish, competence, and knowledge in just a few brief seconds, then fill the gaps with words ….

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You don’t always see yourself as others do.  Some people see themselves as less interesting and appealing than others see them.  However, many people put a favorable spin in their personalities and personal presentation.  It is easy to overlook your own shortcomings.  Most people send many appropriate and positive messages yet have a few “blind spots,” areas where they send unintended messages that put others off.

In this book Ice Sherry Lee will share why it is important to understand that the first impression you make may not accurately reflect who you are.  It may not be the same as how you know yourself to be, or how your close friends perceive you.  If you are shy, you may come across as aloof; If you are very outspoken, you may come across as self-absorbed.  Meeting new people can cause even the most confident people anxiety, stemming from the uncertainty about being liked and accepted.

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* Understand the importance of color in dressing
* Determine your best color to wear
* Understand the importance of harmony of colors
* Identify your best make up and accessories colors

Duration 2 Hours

Get your Color Fan, This will act as a guide when you go shopping for your clothes.

Right Outfits

* Identify your figure type and body shape
* Learn how to accentuate your best features and camouflage figures to look your very best
* Identify hairstyles, eyewear and accessories to compliment your face shape
* Wardrobe planning according to your lifestyle and personality

Duration 2 Hours

This is essentially a lesson in proportion. The first step in evolving a distinctive yet long-term dressing style is for each man to master the standard scheme of tailored suit

Entire Image Management

* Identify your color type
* Choosing the right oufit to compliment your figure type and body shape
* Identify your face shape
* Understanding your skin type
* Make up techniques for a beautiful you Deportment
Entire Image

Duration 5 Hours

Exclusive offer and limited time offer in which you will be guide with perfect color, right outfit, business and personal etiquette and much more.

Business Dining Table

* Deportment ( The way you sit, stand and walk)
* Social graces and business etiquette
* Cultural differences
* Asian table manners
* Western table manners
* Buffet Manners
table icon

Duration 2 Hours

Dining Etiquette Rules For Dining At Business Meetings In Fancy Restaurants