standard-title Real Women Have Curves

Real Women Have Curves

Real Woman Does Have Curves

Real Woman Does Have Curves

What is it about women and their bodies? Why is it so challenging for many of us to embrace the body we have right now regardless of our age, size or life stage?

As women, we can be so hard on ourselves, and too darn unforgiving. A man will look in his reflection and see the positives. He will think, “Yeah, this gut getting smaller everyday.” But a woman? She will see her reflection and angst about her arms, legs, nose, breasts, bottoms – anything and everything!

And while we are on the subject, did you know that studies shown that we get to see our reflection up to at least 55 times everyday in elevator doors, windows, mirrors, store fronts and bathrooms, and so on. That’s a whole lot of times trying to avoid our reflection, or feeling bad about yourself every time you do.

Which explains why some woman suddenly find themselves in an image rut. They stopped paying attention, didn’t care of their assets or ceased managing the areas they needed work. They start to hid under their clothes.

Instead we should use complements to get compliments. Dressing to flatter your figure isn’t about hiding your flaws in as much as it’s about enhancing your assets. What are your best assets? Is it your strong shoulders? Toned arms? Great shapely legs? Tiny waist?

  • Embrace The Women You Are
  • Understand Which Of The 6 Basic Body Shapes Are You 
  • How To Accentuate Your Best Features And Camouflage Figures To Look Your Best
  • Hairstyles, Glasses And Accessories To Compliment Your Face Shape