standard-title Understanding Cross-Cultural Etiquette

Understanding Cross-Cultural Etiquette

The Modern Workplace Is Increasingly Getting Borderless

Business are collaborating and partnering across the globe.

Business are collaborating and partnering across the globe. Supply chains that initially were just covering a single region now span continents and beyond.

In various businesses, you will find project management teams made up of team members from diverse backgrounds. In such instances, you, as the manager, find yourself with the tough mandate of ensuring culturally informed behavior within your business, and it is very important that you understand that every culture is different, and has different styles of etiquette.

Every day deals are lost through misunderstandings, even between relatively similar cultures. These misunderstandings do not have to be huge to have an effect on your business – a poor first impression could leave your prospective partner or customer with a bad feeling. Knowing the right etiquette can help you avoid this and save you a great deal of wasted time and money.


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