standard-title Dining Etiquette

Dining Etiquette

Dining Etiquette Rules For Dining At Business Meetings In Fancy Restaurants

Our etiquette experts have been hard at work creating a contemporary, comprehensive dining etiquette guide with new rules.


Well over half of business is finalized at the dining table. The percentage of business conducted over the dining table is even higher. Among other things, business meals are used for conducting job interviews, getting to know a client, deciding to become a partner in a venture, networking and signing the contract.

All your professional polish is on display at the dining table. All the details, from where you sit, what you order, and how you use the dining utensils to your table conversations demonstrate your respect for others, as well as your courtesy, poise and style. Never assume that others will not notice or will be understanding of your poor manners. Always be polished in your dress and manners.

Good table manners are simple enough to learn in one meal. We eat three meals a day so we have many opportunities to practice good table manners. Do not ruin your professionalism by handling the fork like a caveman or a child! Basic dining skills are so simple that you cannot afford to ignore them.

Dining Etiquette Rules You Need To Know

  • Western Table Layout & Proper Use Of Cutlery
  • Reading The Menu: Understanding Terms Like hors d’oeuvre, Canapé, Entrée, Aperitif, etc
  • What To Do With Napkins, Bread, Soup, Escargots, Etc.
  • Style of Dining – American vs European
  • How To Handle Certain Difficult Food
  • Wine And Toasting Etiquette
  • Making Reservation
  • Business & Social Dining (Seating Arrangement For VIPs, etc.)
  • Buffet Manners