standard-title Getting Creative With Colours
Getting Creative With Colours

Getting Creative With Colours

Colour Could Be Your Most Powerful Friend In Your Wardrobe

Colour is your most powerful friend in the wardrobe. It can transform you from drab to fab with the flick of a fuchsia fingernail or the swish of a scarlet scarf, as long as the colours you wear are in the right tones and hues for you.

  • How colour works
  • The science of colour
  • The psychology of colours
  • How colour analysis works
  • Gaining colour confidence
  • Achieving maximum viual impact through mixing and co-ordinating colours

Embracing your personal colour palette is so transformative. It energizes your wardrobe, boosts and enhances your appearance, and adds creative flair to your image.
One of the first questions we get asked by new clients is: “But how do I know which colours work for me?’

We will share with you the strategic use of flattering colours that work with your natural tones to raise you above the sea of familiar beige, back, navy and gray, so you can grab that “WOW” factor and shake it for all it’s worth.